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  1. I am too, a total disappointment. Selling out and a turncoat because during the elections he hated Trump.

  2. I agree with u DL Hughley in that order. Know one could have said it better.

  3. Oh please!! Move on with the rhetoric
    More blacks voted for Trump than Hillary
    Obama did nothing for blacks or inner cities. So stop pointing fingers
    And grow up and pitch in roll up your sleeves and let’s get going in the direction of everyone working and cleaning up inner cities
    Stop whining

    • No blacks did not even bother to vote check your stats

    • You need to get your facts straight more blacks didnot vote for Trump. How the hell you know what Obama did for blacks. You need to fact check for you post dumb shit Denise. You probably one of them white washed sell outs. Get your facts before you run your mouth. Keep it real.

    • Last time I checked Obama was the President of ALL AMERICANS. It was not his job to just focus on black people over everyone. You people kill me with that. He has to be fair to EVERYONE. And he has improved a lot of things in the economy during his two terms!

    • You like most miss the point .it not about Trump it the ppl he surrounds his self with but you already know that don’t you

  4. Not only am I pissed off,I am disappointed. I heard how he talked against him to listeners on the radio, and then for me to see a caption that read, when the president elect call you go running.bye Steve Harvey morning show,and bye family feaud! Greed always make you run backward trying to pick up every bone you can get.Get outa here,just lost all respect!!!!!!

  5. Stay real my brother!!!

  6. I agree, Steve Harvey is the new face of Uncle Tom

  7. Steve Harvey is an opportunist he talked against Donald Trump on his radio show almost every morning. He constantly put him down and wads all for Hillary. He had enough prestige, I feel the brother didn’t have to turn coat like this. Oh but that’s what some of us do sad.

  8. Educatedhawkins - January 17, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    So we should just sit back and take the bull? We have now learned to get involved for our sake. We watched other presidents screw things up and complained to each other and nothing good came out of that. Its good that African Americans are stepping up and saying look lets talk. Mr. Hugely don’t get pissed off get happy.

  9. Donald Trump’s sincerity towards the Black community is about sincere as my desire to start having babies again at age 56 with a bad heart.

  10. I totally get it, DLH. I won’t forget it either.

  11. I agree with DL Hughley!!

  12. Princie M. Whirl-Harper - January 17, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    Where do we go from here? If not now, then when. On Friday, Jan.13 when I woke up and saw Steve with Trump, I had to close my eyes and ask God if this was real?
    Family we have got to stop being used. Why now? Trump was elected in November, if he was so concerned about minorities why wait until the eve of Dr. King’s Birthday to meet with “STEVE HARVEY”, a comedian, TV personality, someone who has pledged his allegiance to THE BEST PRES

  13. DL you are so right; same thing I pointed out after the FIRST THREE LOSERS allowed the dumphtrp a photo-op! And leave PRESIDENT OBAMA out of this madness; he didn’t tell your ignant a….z to meet with this con-man! Another question; WHY IS IT EVERYTIME YOU GET CAUGHT LOOKING STUPID .. the WIFE comes in the picture, or is mentioned!!!!

  14. Real Talk, stay true to who you really are…

  15. Steve went in on drumpf before, during and after the election like a pit bull but all of a sudden drumpf is sincere about helping the black community? Drumpf has an agenda and it is to bring Steve Harvey down and he knows exactly how to do that. Turn the black community against him. From what I have read Harvey has stake in the Miss Universe pageant which drumpf owns. And to the people who keep saying OBAMA never do did anything for the black community, what did you do for yourself? Stop sitting around and expecting somebody to fix your problems every 4 years. Just tell me what do you think drumpf is gonna do for you? I’ll wait. Nothing because it’s drumpf first and the top 1% next.

  16. Sometimes you dig a hole sooooo deep nobody can save you ask
    Flo Rida Steve Harvey MLK III Kanye West all are well deep in Horse shit…they stink and I don’t like smelling it…Trump used you…they all were used…it’s our job to have respect and dignity…DL Hughley is right… We have to have a moral compass in tune with fuckery to not include ones self in the BS…Stevie Wonder saw this coming…one hour into office this Mark Ass pedophile misogynistic homophobe has sign law policy to make it difficult for you to get a mortgage loan and I think insurance also…he about making coin…as for Chrisette…she put coin before principles hope she make that 250K stretch forever because all money ain’t good money. You think the Asian community has to convince you to not perform or fuck with the enemy on a business move? Nope they are so in tune with themselves they know its an insult…they know its a bad move…we so Individualistic we jump and do shit that blatantly wrong…we so not in tune we accept shit that half ass and disrespectful…get in tune. Cuz Trump is well in tune with what he gonna do… and it ain’t genuinely gonna put our best interest 1st.

  17. Right there with you DL! Can’t believe Steve Harvey is a turn coat, after all he said against him, now he wants to fellowship with him?! Then he was us to believe he just met with him to see what he is all about! ! C’ome man!!

  18. Steve Harvey is a sellout. Good bye Morning Show and anything connected with him.

  19. Mr. Hughley, are you upset because Trump did extend an invitation out to you to discuss issues that plagues the black community? Steve Harvey is a sell out because he decided to engage in a civilized discussion regarding inner cities? I commend him for his actions. This is America. It is time for Black America to stop labeling people as ” Uncle Toms” just because they possess a different stance or decide to engage in actions that you would not personally engage in. Whatever happened to respecting an individual’s stance? Stop bullying just because you hold oppossing views. You have also exemplified unprofessionalism by utilizing profanity.

  20. I’m done with Steve Harvey. I can’t even listen to his radio show anymore. He disgust me. When I first heard he sat down with Trump, my heart sank in my stomach. And to see that stupid smirk on his face disgusted me even more. I feel sorry for his staff that have to pretend to be ok with what he did. They have to feed their family. He spoke so negatively about Trump over the last year and to turn around and sit in the same room with him. Steve should be ashamed of himself. I can’t support anything Steve does anymore. GREED!! All talk. Sold out those that stood by him. Who’s next to sell out?


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